Outline of our new band

We are going to set up a wonderful band. This band has three guys: Tom, Jack and me. Recently, we are preparing for this. Tom told me that we need to have a guitar, a bass and a perfect voice. Haha....Of course, i have this perfect voice. Next week, we plan to record a song for celebrating the establish of our band. In order to reach wonderful effect, a laser or light is necessary. But what kind of laser or light will suit us? We still have no idea. Er...we have not so much fund for it. So if there is a laser, which costs a little. We will be no more happier. Really hope some of you could give us some recommendations. Thanks.
The more happier the laser haha,....:) best laser that for money you get is Behringer really good. Not for Metallica like ,hhehehe....) but you know the laser spectacular it will make good show for your perfect band, hehe... :) post pictures, man, okay, yes, okay. say hi to tom and jack. yes? yes.
Very thanks for your recommendations. I also want a laser system. Haha...And these days i am comparing the price from several companies and a nice company who can provide me with very cheap price. $100 USD !!! it really surprised me. So i copied this website link for your reference: www.stagelasers.com Really hope some of you could tell me it is a truth???! Many thanks !!! I AM AFRAID OF BEING CHEATED.

Me and my wonderful band (that is Tina, Meg, Drew, Ellen, Phoebe and Nicole) make always very good experience with very affordable laser like this: Superlaser
Your Band should try this very good laser. It is very much fun.

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