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well, the rules about importing electronic goods are in charge, so importing a non ROHS conform electronic part to the EU may cause problems for the importer. It doesn't matter what your personal opinion is to that fact, customs may not know about the importance of guitar tone given by non lead-free soldering...

By the way, is the X-88 still a new available product?


no, x-88 are hard to find used))))

I do not plan wholesale, so that customs my package with 1 amp unlikely to be interested for compliance ROHS , But the fact that no one will want to have my broken amp is 100%, and obtain a ROHS certificate of conformity in Russia will cost me in such value that it can exceed the entire income of the sales for the next few years)
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Myasnikov Preamps

Hat schon jemand gekauft? Wie klingt der Preamp und gab es Probleme mti dem Zoll?
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