Netzteil FAME DCT 200 and Pedaltrain

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Netzteil FAME DCT 200 and Pedaltrain

Hallo Leute,

Diese Wochenende habe ich ein bißchen schrauben. Ich bin sehr froh! Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch ist so schlecht, ich habe auf English geschrieben.

Es war eine Antwort zu Maximee:

I started yesterday afternoon. My god... I had to reshape everything many times as I started with 46mm but that didn't fit so well, just tenth of millimeters!!

So an advice: do the holes on the yellow part (to tighten the chassis) at the very end!

When done, it could go under the PT-pro: great. But how make it stick at it?? Big problem there. And the light came to me... No need to say that I am very very happy! The Fame doesn't touch the floor at all.

How did you do that Maximee? BTW, I saw you added some tape on the yellow part above the pots PCB. That doesn't hurt, but the PcB doesn't conduct current/voltage. And the yellow metal stuff is either non-conductive because of the heavy (ungly) paint, either linked to chassis = ground.

The 4 extra-screws you see come from the PT2 pack to fix the voodoo PSU (ironic!)

(Click on pictures.)

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