How to install a D-Tuna (EVH) on an ESP Sinclair Trem

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How to install a D-Tuna (EVH) on an ESP Sinclair Trem

falls ein User mit einer alten ESP mit Sinclair Trem in die Verlegenheit kommen sollte: so geht's.
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(A short story after a minor nightmare)

The good news first: the Sinclair trem has a screw to block uplift moves. This is needed for the D-Tuna to work properly.
Hence you don't need a wood block to block the trem.

The D-Tuna comes with metric screws M4 (4 mm outer dia) thread size. The D-Tuna screws are hardened!
The Sinclair Trem has metric M3.5 (this is outer 3.5 mm dia) threads. The pitch is different between M3.5 and M4. So this will not fit.

Now the funny part begins:
Grind away the front centric part of the screw until the M4 thread begins.
Grind away the exessive diameter of the M4 thread (approx 3.9 to 4.0 mm) until final diameter is 3.5 mm at least for a lenght of 4 to 5 mm. Thread depth on the trem is 4 mm.
Cut a new M3.5 thread using a bolt thread cutter, lubricate porperly! Eventually you'll find it hard to get a M3.5 thread cutter....
That's it.

Do not try to enlarge the M3.5 thread in the trem. The metal brackets have a very hard chrome alloy coating.
Do not use a "normal" DIN 931 - M3.5 metric screw, you need a hardened one. The fine adjustment screw will stick on a softer surface.
Good luck!

regards kopflos
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