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Hi! Ich bin neu im Forum und wollte mal einen Post machen. Da ich eine neue Gitarre habe, dachte ich: da eignet sich doch eine Review recht gut. Ich habe vor kurzem mal ein kleines Review zu der Gitarre in ein anderes Forum geschrieben. Die Review ist leider in englisch, aber ich hoffe das macht keine groĂźe Probleme.
Hat sonst noch wer eine Haar Tele oder schon mal eine ausprobiert? WĂĽrde mich mal interessieren, was ihr so ĂĽber eure Gitarren denkt ;-). Hier die Review:

Hello everybody!
I'm new in this forum and I wanted to share my thoughts about a guitar i purchased recently: The Haar Traditional T Thinline Telecaster. Erik van der Haar from the Netherlands built this guitar and i can tell you, it's an incredible guitar! I bought this guitar from a friend of mine, who had to sell some guitars. But let's take a closer look. Here's a short video of me (in pyjama) playing the tele at bedroom levels with a super champ X D. The amp and the zoom recorder don't do justice to the guitar, but it's just to get some impressions:

I got one in a slighty relic sunburst finish. I'm not a huge relic fan and if I had the choice, I would probably buy one without the relic, but i think the relic is done very beautifully. Also the neck feels very comfortable beacause of the relicing.

The workmanship on this one is fantastic! This maple C-neck with compund radius feels very great and it's super easy to play. It's also a very light guitar with a swamp ash body. It has some Kluson Gotoh Tuners and this thing stays in tune for years. I think i never tuned this guitar since i purchased it :). A guitar can't be processed better! This is top notch!

If you play this guitar unplugged, you will recognize, that it's very resonant and it's relatively loud. It has a Amber cp 59 humbucker in the neck, with a push/pull poti to split the humbucker. The neck pickup sounds very warm and woody. Good for a jazz tone or some clapton-like woman tone. If you split the humbucker, it also sounds very warm and woody but it's not that bass-heavy anymore. I think the word "sweet" fits the best. On the bridge, there is a Klein Nocaster Bridge PU and it sounds amazing! Very twangy but not harsh, fat but not muddy or nasally, i love it! Also the middle position sounds amazing. I play Blues, Pop, Indie, Rock, Funk and Soul and it does everything very well.

As you can see, I'm very impressed! This is one of the best teles i played. I think it can easily compete with some Fender Customshop Guitars or even with Vintage guitars (I did not play much of them) and it's way cheaper: I got this one for 1500$. I am addicted, I absolutely love this guitar. Thank you Erik!
Sonso33 schrieb:
Danke! Gibts die Review auch auf Deutsch? Tu mir sonst schwer beim Lesen :lol:

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"Ich habe eine neue Gitarre gekauft. Sie ist gut. Klickt auf mein Video. Ich habe eine gute Gitarre."

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