pcl vintage amp! need some information!!



hallo,, i wondering where in germany this amplifiers was made.. i have a,,,,"pcl vintage amp sa 2" modified too all tube preamp (1956)5preamptubes...
iam wondering how much the heaterwinding i the transformer can handle i amperes,,, i want to built a efx send/return.. and need to put a one more preamptube in the amp (tot 6 preamtubes)orginal=4preamptubes
IS there anyone that have adress to those nice guys that built this fine looking and sounding guitar amp?

the transformers are made by engel and are marked 2542 ..and 2543for the output-trans, but they dont answer one my questions !
iam worried that i would burn the transformer!
so if you read this please contact me on zvenericsson@yahoo.se[:D][:D]

if there is anyone that ownes a vintage amp please mail me,it would be nice to talk with you about anything!

mr steely
i am very glad that someone answer on my question,,, the problem is that my germany is not what it should be,,,, so some words are little hard to understand! so if it possibel that some of you can write on english,,, i would be glad!
iam 28 years old ,,,and rebuilt old and new guitar amplifier,, even som times hifi tube amplifiers!! i modd marshall jmp 1987 to 2 channel switchabel!! whit a foot control
whith channel one superclean to little crunch (like fender super twinn) and the other channel orginal to fat engel gain !!!

if you want visit our swedich forum .... than you can search on www.gmf.se:)

mr steely
Hi zven!

So I try to take over that f****** part of translation:

The text of the link says that the guy (i.e. the author) wants to know things about that amp as well. (He has problems with the amp’s fuses, if he turns it on there is a crack and then noothing happens anymore, etc.)

blues_guy mentioned that this was a good possibility to you to cantact this guy, maybe he has some more information now cause the thread is a few days old (20/05/2001 *smile*). You should try it!

Hope it was a little bit useful!
If there are any mistakes call 911, I don’t bother! *smileagain*


So long, kick ass!
thanks!! devil head!! kindely thanks,,,,, a guess that something like that was writtenthan i allso saw that someone rekomended 6v6 in this amp on that forum!!

mr steely
Hi Zven,

next time I try swedish [;)]

Remember it´s first of april today.

In the text of the forum I linked, there is mentioned a german town.
That is the place of the ampbuilder.

I know that vintage amps were built in beginning 80ies.
I rember an advertising in the german musicians magazine "fachblatt".

It was the time of the rise of the boogie brand and its predessors, acoustic, kitty hawk and also pcl vintage.

Another idea would be to post in the forum of the Gitarre & Bass magazine and ask directly one of magazine publishers ( f. e. Heinz Rebellius). They have a good knowledge and a good archice.

Under the button "write" on the left you can open a new thread.

I wish you much success!


I wish you success

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